About Us

Medgold is a European-focused, TSX-V listed exploration and development company targeting gold properties in northwest Iberia and the under-explored gold provinces of southern Europe. Run by a highly experienced management team with a successful track record of building value in resource companies, Medgold is aiming to become a leading European gold company.

To achieve that goal, we are focusing our exploration efforts on the orogenic gold provinces of Portugal in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, and in Serbia which straddles the great Tethyan mineral belt. Both countries are pro-mining, actively seeking foreign investment because of the severe economic stresses on their economies, and both are known to host large gold deposits.

Medgold is part of the Vancouver-based Gold Group of companies which includes Fortuna Silver Mines, Radius Gold Inc., Focus Ventures Ltd and Rackla Metals. Our Board and Management teams are made up of individuals with a history of successfully listing, financing and running resource companies. Medgold's Chairman and CEO, Simon Ridgway, is the principal behind Gold Group and over the last 10 years he and his team have raised over $400 million to fund the exploration and development of mineral projects across the globe.